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Solar Competition Information for April 21, 2013
Earth Day falls in April so the Society of Women Engineers in Tucson sponsor and host a Solar Competition.
The competition has 2 categories - Solar Cars and Solar Homes.
We use the words "cars" and "homes" loosely as the design is left to the student.

Who's Eligible All Arizona middle school students Flyers will be mailed to your science teacher. If you haven't received any information, download it HERE!
Where Tucson, AZ   Reid Park
When Sunday, April 21, 2013 Registration time is 9:30 AM.
Why To encourage children to study math, science, engineering, and have fun! Join the parade!
Volunteer If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Georgia Armstrong at Help out with judging, pit crew, photography, etc. More information HERE!
Solar Information (all files are in .pdf format)

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 Car Judging Worksheet
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